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Does your home need the skills of an expert Houston roofer? Many people don’t realize the importance this piece of your home holds. While it does protect you and your family from weather and the elements, it actually does so much more. It provides structural support and stability to your home. It is part of the ventilation system. Texas Siding and Roofing understands the importance and takes time and care with each installation or repair. If your roof needs a little TLC, call us today for a free estimate.

We offer a full range of services for our customers and the owner is directly involved in each and every project. Here are just some of the ways that we can help you take care of your home:

  • Car ports and patio covers
  • Roof Inspections, restoration, replacement, and repair
  • Seamless gutter installation and repair
  • Window installation and repair

We believe that at no project is too big or too small for this Houston roofer. With over 45 years of experience, Texas Siding and Roofing is working with homeowners throughout the area to help care for and protect one of your most important assets. Whether you need restoration, replacement or a repair, call us today for a free estimate.

Benefits of installing a metal roofing system


Our company offers you a wide range of roofing services, just like many others. You can find everything from our reach; roof repairs, residential roofing, and commercial roofing. But unlike many companies, Texas Roofing and Siding also strives to help the nature, so we like to promote as many eco-friendly materials as possible. There are not many businesses that try to do the same, so we were actually pleasantly surprised when we learned about Reilly Roofing and Gutters.  Even though the roofing industry can become quite a battlefield- both we and people from Reilly Roofing and Gutters have a passion for nature.  That’s why we chose to speak about efficient roofing materials that can help the environment and your bank account. After years of research and experience, we learned the specific benefits and drawbacks of certain roofing materials. It is important to know about them and be informed because you can use them wisely as well.

Reilly Roofing and Gutters | Best metal roofing company for your commercial and residential roofing systems in San Antonio Texas

The roofing market and industry have definitely evolved. Just a few decades in the past, homeowners could pick only asphalt shingles which are not considered the best option anymore. Technology has done its job, so there are roofing techniques that were unimaginable 30 or 40 years ago. Today, we are going to represent to you metal roofing, recommended by San Antonio roofers. Although there are solar roofing, green roofing, slate roofing, etc…

Metal roofs have been ignored and neglected for way too long. This is because metal roofing was mostly used for commercial purposes. Big metal panels helped in reducing costs of heating or air conditioning.  Many homeowners considered them to be unpleasant to the eye. Luckily, this is changing day by day, and it’s thanks to roofing companies such as Reilly Roofing and Gutters that metal roofs are coming to the world of residential roofing. So, let’s talk about its advantages


There are a lot of advantages that we can speak about. To be honest, we could write a lot more than one article, so we will try to keep it short and memorable.  First of all, metal roofing can be made from various types of metal. Most often ones are aluminum, zinc, copper, steel and combinations. Different metals have different properties, but there are some in common.

The metal  roofing system is one of the most durable ones available on the market. Metal can withstand almost any weather conditioning from the heavy hail to high UV rays. That’s why it is a great option if you are located somewhere where the climate is not stable. Because of its slippery and hard surface, the metal roof will have no problem shedding off the excess water content like rain and snow. You will not have to fear the roof leak because the water will not sit on your roof.  Their longevity is another plus; while asphalt shingles have to be replaced after max. of 25 years, metal panels or shingles can last up to 60 years. This automatically means less money spent on repairs and replacements.  Metal roofing is also fire resistant which offers you a higher level of safety. However, its energy efficiency is the biggest advantage of all.


Energy efficiency is the biggest reason why metal roofs are having a big breakout into the world of residential roofing.  This roofing system can save you up to 30 percent of energy which is a lot. This means you will have to pay a lot less for air conditioning considering metal surface is reflective and it minimizes the midday heat. The environment can benefit as well. Metal roofing system can help reduce the heat island effect, it will also help lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the air, and it can reduce the overall local temperature.

As you can see, a metal roof can give you the best of both worlds!


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Ventilation and Insulation

Importance of proper insulation and ventilation in residential roofing

Asphalt shingles are go-to roofing material because of their popularity on roofing market today. A skilled roofing professional will consider two more things that are vital for any roofing system– insulation and ventilation. That is not enough; roofing system still needs to provide you with protection against structural damage, mildew, high energy bills and mold. This is where insulation and ventilation come in.

Insulation and Ventilation


Constant and consistent airflow if allowed and provided by ventilation. All that streaming air that runs under your asphalt shingles prevents the buildup of cold, moisture and heat under your roofing system. Your attic can become too hot during summer if your ventilation is poor. All that heat coming from attic can easily harm your shingles and reduce their expected lifespan. On the other hand, if you have poor ventilation, during the cold months it can lead to building up of cold air in your attic which in turn can lead in rising levels of moisture. Moisture is a breeding ground for dry rot, mildew, and mold which can cause different problems to your insulation, shingles and roof support structure. That is why it is vital to properly ventilate your roofing system during installation. That way you can avoid having numerous problems and costly repairs to make.


Insulation is an element of an asphalt roofing system which you should not overlook during the installation because if not done correctly, insulation can cause you so many problems. If your home is not properly insulated, you will have problems with extreme temperatures. Bad insulation is a common thing for older homes which were built back in time when building codes didn’t ask for that much insulation compared to today’s codes. Poorly insulated attic can be a nightmare to every homeowner because the need for heating and cooling systems will be much higher. It is clear that asphalt shingles roofing system requires proper attic insulation and ventilation, however, meeting that requirements aren’t always that easy and straightforward. You should ask a professional roofing contractor what type and amount of insulation and ventilation your existing roofing system needs. It is important to be optimal.

What can your roofing contractor do?

The first thing your contractor will do is to find what is blocking the airflow through your attic. The most typical problem lies in insulation or some other material blocking the opening of the vent, and your roofing contractor will remove that obstruction. Sometimes, poor ventilation is caused by a deficient intake or exhaust of air or even bad placement of the vents

Roof shingles in Houston

Houston and roof shingles

Full of energy and abundant in diversity, Houston is an extremely dynamic mix of talent, imagination and top of the class attractions that make is a polis of the world. Houston is fully with beautiful surroundings and diverse blooming economy it is a home to people that are full of good spirit and optimism, and no wonder that Houston is a popular tourist destination. Throughout the whole year Houston has more than 400 events, including outstanding visual and performing arts venues and events, also try one of the numerous restaurants available, offering not only local food but Tex Mex, Middle Eastern, Vietnames and South American. Also keep in mind that Houston is home to local teams in all major sports. One thing worth noting is that Houston is often considered as the most diverse city in the United States, becoming a home to numerous different cultural events, institutions and exhibits. Through that diversity it “lures” over 7 million visitors and tourists each year. To better understand how big Houston actually is, on its own Houston would be the 30th strongest and largest economy in the world on par with Poland and Taiwan.

Hopefully mentioning all of these facts helped you grasp how important and big Houston actually is, and therefore helps you understand how important that every little detail, service or need is satisfied. Further below in this blog post we are going to present to you one of the most common roof covering style in Houston – shingles. They maybe are just used for covering your roof and protect your home but still there are many other elements that need to be in check to make everything work perfectly and in order.


Roof shingles are the roof material which covers the roofing layer. Shingles are made of various materials like slate, wood, flagstone, fiber cement and composite material. Roof shingles are a very popular material in Houston and rest of the United States, but have some bad features like the fast deterioration and need more water than wall shingles. Shingles are very popular roofing material due to easy installation. It is not that expensive and offers a variety of colors and patterns. There are two types of shingles, the fiberglass, and organic.


There are many types of roof shingles, like asphalt, fiberglass shingles, organic shingles, wood shakes, slate, solar shingles and more. Each come in the variety of colors and patterns. Victor, the owner one of many but in my opinion one of the best Houston roofing companies, who helped us write this article said, although asphalt shingles are most common, you should consider other materials as well. Being diverse is what makes Houston so unique and special, so you shouldn’t think that asphalt is your only option. The choosing decisions are only on you. For better results, you can always contact a professional who will give you an advice on how to choose and on which elements you should watch. There are several factors like the weather conditions, the construction of the house and its structure, the price range and more.

Anchor Roofing | Best Commercial Roofing Company | Commercial And Industrial Roofing Company | Top Commercial Roofing Companies Near Me in Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend


The least expensive one can be damaged by the temperature changes, sun exposure, storms and high winds. The damage can be seen after 5 to 6 years after the installation. The average lifetime is about 12-20 years, all depending on the maintenance. Shingles have a protective layer filled with granules, but with time they disappear and speed up the aging of the roofing system. They are heat resistible if they are in a lighter color, so choose these if you live in a sunny area. For humid climate choose the one coated with granules.


Shingles last longer with a proper and maintained roof ventilation. Different types of ventilation shouldn’t be combined with the same roofing system. This can make the short-circuit effect. Do not block the soffit air because the ventilation will not work. Proper ventilation is required.

Anchor Roofing | Best Commercial Roofing Company | Commercial And Industrial Roofing Company | Top Commercial Roofing Companies Near Me in Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend


This material is considered to be one of the least energy efficient because it absorbs the heat of the sun and raises the temperature in the attic. This material is reflective and stores a lot of thermal energy. This material is very popular due to its installation on any roofing type.


In the winter, shingles can become brittle and the adhesive will not bond, and in the summer, shingles can be damaged when walking on them. Although snow is extremely in Houston and Texas, still if it ever snows, the best way for removing snow is to call a professional, or not to use the shovel edges or ice picks. Also, the best is to install the barrier for the water and the non-granola rice along the valleys and eaves. Use the ice belt pallets on the eaves, because you can prevent ice dams this way. The discoloration indicates the presence of algae, mold, and moisture. Be sure to remove it professionally. Regular maintenance is nesses early to prevent any further damages. The regular maintenance includes also an inspection on regular basis, so you find some of the problems on time, and you prevent what is necessary.


Our partners

Local roofing partnership

We at Texas siding and roofing while working on a project we partner with various companies and businesses in Houston. Sometimes we have to partner with a local diner to provide our crew food and beverages but sometimes we partner with another roofing company to get the job done. Therefore we are extremely proud at our partnership with local roofing company in Houston – Charter Roofing & Waterproofing.

We have worked with them on a numerous projects, mostly on preventing severe roof leaks on commercial buildings. They have a built a solid reputation over the last 47 years, in fact like the name implies their specialty is commercial roofing. From the moment they do initial inspection and then all the way until the job is done, you can be safe that quality, cost and end result are going to be their primary concern.

They are especially proud of how they deal with roof leaks, they own a fleet of radio dispatched emergency repair vehicles and people that are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When emergency struck, and you require action momentarily don’t hesitate to call guys at Charter Roofing & Waterproofing. They also offer warranty for their work. One thing we have noticed while working with them is that they have the lowest percentage of repair call backs, something many others roofing companies fail at.

They are able to do projects that a smaller roofing contractor can’t. We at Texas siding and roofing aren’t afraid admitting that commercial roofing isn’t our specialty. Our partners at Charter Roofing & Waterproofing are great at installing, repairing and maintaining commercial roofs in Houston Texas area.

Our Beloved City of Houston


With population of over 2. 2 milion people Houston is the largest and biggest city in Southern part of the United States. As well Houston is the largest city in Texas. City itself is situated near Gulf of Mexico.

First mention of the city is in 1836, when it was found by General Sam Houston on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. It is worth mentioning that Sam Houston was as well a president of the Republic of Texas. Primarily thanks to discovery of oil and development of railroad that followed after the city grew. Today Houston is known for Johnson Space Center where NASA’s Mission Control center is based.  Houston’s economic power comes from transportation, aeronautics, powerful manufacturing industry and industrial energy. Houston as well has a strong international trade, medicine, fashion, sports, entertainment, media, business, research and education that separates it from the rest of the cities in the US. Thanks to its diversity Houston, which is shown in numerous exhibits, cultural organizations and through institutions, and almost 90 different languages spoken, it attracts more than 7 million tourists every year. You can visit Museum District at any time of the year and you will have a lot of interesting things to do and see. To put things into perspective, if Houston was an independent country, it would be the 30th largest and strongest economy in the world. Wow. Houston is also home to a Theater District which offers many shows and plays every week.


Young people also love Houston, there are numerous colleges, institutions and universities in the city and surrounding area. With more than 5000 companies that do some form of energy business, Houston is named the Energy Capital of the World.

We are proud to say that Houston is growing every day, and we are proud that we are part of Houston community. As the city grows more and more people and businesses are going to need a roof over their heads.


When to call a roofing professional

Should you hire a roofing specialist?

With the aging, the roofing system experiences deterioration and many kinds of roofing damages. The repair or the replacement may cost a lot, all depending on what you really need. You may ignore the roofing problem, but this can lead to real damage with a lot of repairs and money loss. All the above can be resolved with monitoring the roofs conditions. Here are some of the tips when you really need to contact a professional licensed roofer. The damaged roofing system can seriously affect the health of your family, as well as the value price of your property. When ignoring the problems, they become even bigger, so here are the tips you should follow to know when is the right time to contact a professional roofing contractor.


If the roofing system is leaking, even a little, the repairs should be done as soon as possible. This problem could become a health issue to your family because of mold and mildew. The draining sometimes cannot work properly, and then the mold and mildew can easily grow on the roofing surface. These roofing problems can lead to very serious respiratory problems, and can really weaken the roofing structure, as well as the structure of the whole house. The best would be to take care of this problems as soon as possible to avoid any further grow. In the attic, you can make an inspection, search for any water stains. If there are any, the water has penetrated into the house underneath the shingles and the repair is highly recommended.



If you can inspect the gutters and the downspout by yourself, check them for any signs of piles or dark granules. This may be a sign that the shingles are ready to be replaced with new ones. Also, low-quality shingles may be the reason of the damages made by the weather conditions. They can tear, crack and break completely. Shingles can be made of slate, wood, plastic, metal and cement. The most popular are the ones with fiberglass. The best is to call a professional to install the roof shingles because the proper installation expands the life of the roofing system up to 50 years.



Raised areas where are the roofing shingles are more likely to fail. Improper installation, maintenance or failed to caulk and flashing are causing the roofing leaks. Professional roofers have the experience to find this problem and repair it on time.


Sagging of the roofing system indicates a number of problems which can be seen from the interior of the house. Water damage or deterioration can weaken the material over time. For this, you should contact a professional. These problems may occur when the installation was not made as needed.



The age of the roofing system is very important for determining I sit important to invest in repairs, or the best solution is to do the complete replacement. Many roofs are made to last about 25 years, so if you are near that number, the best would be to contact a professional to make the best decision. The roof is an important element of the whole home, and that is why you should take care of it, it is Covering the whole house and your family, making you safe.

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