With population of over 2. 2 milion people Houston is the largest and biggest city in Southern part of the United States. As well Houston is the largest city in Texas. City itself is situated near Gulf of Mexico.

First mention of the city is in 1836, when it was found by General Sam Houston on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. It is worth mentioning that Sam Houston was as well a president of the Republic of Texas. Primarily thanks to discovery of oil and development of railroad that followed after the city grew. Today Houston is known for Johnson Space Center where NASA’s Mission Control center is based.  Houston’s economic power comes from transportation, aeronautics, powerful manufacturing industry and industrial energy. Houston as well has a strong international trade, medicine, fashion, sports, entertainment, media, business, research and education that separates it from the rest of the cities in the US. Thanks to its diversity Houston, which is shown in numerous exhibits, cultural organizations and through institutions, and almost 90 different languages spoken, it attracts more than 7 million tourists every year. You can visit Museum District at any time of the year and you will have a lot of interesting things to do and see. To put things into perspective, if Houston was an independent country, it would be the 30th largest and strongest economy in the world. Wow. Houston is also home to a Theater District which offers many shows and plays every week.


Young people also love Houston, there are numerous colleges, institutions and universities in the city and surrounding area. With more than 5000 companies that do some form of energy business, Houston is named the Energy Capital of the World.

We are proud to say that Houston is growing every day, and we are proud that we are part of Houston community. As the city grows more and more people and businesses are going to need a roof over their heads.